Perfect Violet?

I'm starting to get a clear idea of my perfect violet. Or at least, a little more defined.

I love the iris/violet/ambrette combination that I've sniffed a few times now.

Though I don't like cedar, though the muted vanilla-cedar of Feminite du Bois is lovely. It's like the vanilla rich redwoods of California. I wonder if the evergreens of Japan also smell of vanilla?

Though I'm from upstate New York, and the very best patch of purple violets in the family yard is under a maple tree. So instead of cedar I would prefer the smell of maple - sap, bark, buds, whirlygig seed pods, and leaves.

And I'd like mint. Not the smell of mint, but the cooling sense of mint. So that it smells like the bitter spring mornings that are hard to forget, due to startlingly cold finger tips. MK Journey has that sense - the cold bit of mint in the nose, that makes it refreshing instead of sickly sweet.

For the dry down... maybe some nice warm spices, a consolation for all that coolness? Carrots smell nice with ginger and honey, so maybe iris would, too. And violets smell good with almost everything, right up until I realize I smell like a tart.

And under it all, I'd love just a bit of dirtiness. I'm smitten with CBIHP's Wild Hunt (much more so then his Violet Empire), and I'd love some dirt. Though I'd settle for raunchy leather, or skin smell. Or maybe the smell of clean hair.

Isn't it fun to think of these imaginary scents, and to sniff all the real ones, of course.