The real reason that I'm jumpy about gourmand fragrances is land sharks.

You can never be too careful, there's no reason to go covering yourself in chocolate, apples, or fish. It's just asking for trouble.

Frederic Malle's L'eau D'hiver

Someone dressed in baby powder blue, nice trousers, apron and all, has scrubbed a little heart of visibility into the condensation on the kitchen window. Everything else is misty, wistful, cool to the touch.

There is a cup of wildflower honey, and a quarter cup of orange blossom honey waiting patiently on the sticky white counter.

What will we make today?

Today we make candy and cakes and babies and preserved blossoms.


Tom Ford Private Blend : Black Violet

What's that girl? Someone is down the well?


Er, those are violets. While I could very easily dangle from my ankles by a centuries old rope to try to save them, it might be better to just take one giant step back. And I think we should leave them be, they're pretty.


Yes, you can have a cookie.