Tauer's Reverie au jardin

Note: I am so glad I have recently stumbled into the world of decants, without which the world of post-op recovery would smell so boring.

I do not see a garden, but a room in my grandparents' house the colors of an old photograph. I can smell my grandmother's powders, my great-grandmother's empty perfume bottles. I can hear the spring robins, and the rustling of bundles of herbs as they dry. My fiance is there in the room, in this fragrance, though he never met my grandparents. He is waiting to go for a walk along the creek. It is a memory, and also a dream.



Amber is another ingredient I could just wikipedia for, but chose not to.

It obviously is a type of rejected violin rosin. Reddish brown in color, it gave the violinist such a wonderful control of tone that soon everyone within earshot felt a wee bit swoon-y. Kisses were soon to follow when - the violinist would burst into flames!

Luckily, the violin and bow were always ok.

And that is why amber is now used in perfume.