Tauer's El Maroc Pour Elle

It forms out of dust, and cedar, and vines as it has formed for centuries. He is the monster, the devourer of the unwary, the killer, the sound in the doorway.

She is resting under the flowering vines, her skin brown and smooth.

"Ah," she stands, and smiles even as the sounds of screams recede around her. She reaches out and strokes the monster's cheek, "Are you here to devour me?"

His breath has sand in it.

"Well, my brother is much bigger, go eat him instead!" She reclines, smiling, disturbing the flowers around her.

The monster slides into the palace, and as he does he begins to crumble. "My heart," the monster sighs as he fades into nothingness. "So that was the other side of hunger..." and he is gone.

Note: A couple people left compliments for me over at PP, and I want to say I am thankful and humbled. I am responding over here because that seemed somehow more appropriate.

Also, my wedding is in a week and a half. Golly.